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We purchased 6 chairs at Ethan Allen for $489 a chair. At the top of the back rest 3 of the chairs were not smooth instead they were rippled as if the form was not strong enough to handle the material. Also, instead of front corners of the seat being tight and shaped the corners were loose and saggy with no defining sharp corner.

According to the Ethan Allen service rep that's as good as it gets for $489 a chair. I can see Ethan Allen going under very soon. Show else where and get more for your buck.

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Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #931585

That's too bad but to think $489.oo per chair is top dollar is not realistic. One single armless regular (not captains, not tall) Chippendale chair made by Kindel Furniture is over $3000.00.

THAT's top dollar and worth every penny. Ethan Allen isn't even in the same universe.

Buy used and find Kindel, Kittinger, older Baker, Century, older Henredon, Henkel Harris for quality from very good to superb. Ethan Allen is ***.

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