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I purchased a significant amount of Carlton-line office furniture. Initial estimate for delivery was August 18 (ordered in early June).

I realize this is an estimate not a firm date. I got one phone call in July saying that delivery still estimated for August 18. Just after August 18 I called and was told all my pieces except for ONE was in and the last piece would come the following week. The following week I was told that all pieces were IN and that they would deliver on Thursday of the following week, Sept.

1. I would get a call on Wednesday to narrow down the time and get my credit card information for paying the balance. No call on Wednesday. I called them.

FIrst I was told that the delivery service had attempted to call me and got no response so delivery was not scheduled. (Not true, which they later admitted.) I asked for the number of the delivery service and discovered that it is located 220 miles away. "IN" to Ethan Allen does not mean in my town ready for delivery apparently. While not a large city, this is certainly not a tiny town, there are almost a half a million people here.

It was too late to schedule delivery, they could come the next week. The delivery service added that they had just gotten my paperwork THAT DAY, not the previous week as indicated by Ethan Allen. So no furniture -problem - this is a working office. The old stuff has been moved OUT.

The following week is already booked. Now we are 2-3 weeks away from having furniture, in a working office, files in boxes. The designer did give an "I'm sorry" yet said they would do nothing else. They furniture cannot be "returned" I am stuck.

I had been talking to them about buying more furniture, yet not any more. The thing is - was this the fault of the designer for promising wrong dates? The delivery process Ethan Allan uses? The delivery service?

No one steps up and accepts accountability.

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