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I ordered a coffee table from Ethan Allen on 7/31 and was told that it would take 10-12 weeks. Here it is the middle of November and still no table. I had left 2 messages for my "design consultant" to get back to me with the status of my order and never heard back from her either time, not to mention the rudeness of one of the women who answered the phone. I finally had to call the manager and read her the riot act.

I have never dealt with a more ignorant company. After reading some other complaints I see it is not an isolated problem and seems to be a requirement to work for the company. I am told that my order should be in 12/12. For a stinking coffee table!!!! I'll believe it when I see it. To be honest, I hope it doesn't come in within the 6 month time period because then I can just cancel and get out of the "hostage situation" that the company puts you in by not allowing you to cancel without you losing 35% of your money. I haven't even gotten to the point of dealing with the delivery company or the quality of the product but I am not looking forward to it.

I never expected to have had this experience with such a company. I see why several local stores have closed. Keep it up Ethan Allen and you might as well close them all. I wouldn't recommend buying anything from them ever!

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Rudyard, Michigan, United States #378041

We may be able to help, Pam59. Please send your details to We may not be able to expedite it, but we might be able to give you insight into the reason for your wait.


I had the same problem with the Roomstore before I went and got my money back for never receiving my recliner. I guess the it doesn't matter how upscale or lower scale the store is they all treat you the same. Just like another sale to them.

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