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I recently took delivery of EA American Artisan in a black finish. The product is terrible!

Uneven spray patterns, obvious touch ups, the dresser top is coming off..drawers are a mess, drips in the paint...I could go on and on and have plenty of photos if anyone would like to see. I bought from the Baltimore area stores which are franchised. Whatever you do, stay away from a franchise furniture store. In addition my wife didn't understand what she was signing when she bought it and on the sales receipt the only contract info is FINAL SALE, AS IS.

How can you in good faith sale new product as...AS IS! We are now trying to remedy this, but the owner has gone into hiding. I guess my next step is to contact corporate. In addition after now getting into this situation we find the product is grossly overpriced.

While visiting a different store recently we found the sales people stuffed the dressers with pillows and bedding to weight them down so they would not rattle upon opening. This was a terrible mistake and I hope we can save others the pain of buying Ethan Allen junk.

Not to mention, avoid the Baltimore, Maryland area stores!

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we bought Georgian court style furniture from Ethan allen 30 years ago- it's heavy, solid and very fine. It sells well on the secondary market.

The quality has perhaps declined, but one needs to really do some research before buying. sorry to hear about their decline in quality.


Hey all, just tried to refinish an ethan allen end table. Stripped the top to which a thick cover of polyurathane finish bubbled up, only to expose simulated wood grain particle board.

The Finish was FAKE. No solid wood was used on the top of the table only pressed particle board. I think the legs might be wood, but no sense checking since the top is now ruined. Into the dumbster this will go.

This table is no better than what I could buy at walmart. What a shame.


We bought quite a bit of Georgian Court Ethan Allen furniture in the late 1970's when it was really well made and offered in very attractive styles. We browsed in what is called an Ethan Allen sore a few years ago and saw that what Ethan Allen palms off today is cheaply assembled, pure junk, glued together poorly from inferior components.

Like other things once great, including Mercedes Benz, Ethan Allen is but a name from the past.

Their products today compare to what they once made as does particle board to mahogany. Ethan Allen, Coach, Mercedes Benz, Ethan Allen...all once great but lying with Titanic now.


I hope they go out of business! They love to taking your money after making erroneous statements, and expectations. One media unit purchased was sent to another state to be delivered back to state originally purchased (170 miles away). Note, this was located in another city 60 miles away, which I was to go see and sign off on. But before I got there they shipped off to their out of state site. They Deliver 1 or 2 times in that month in a 3 hour time frame. You pay extra if you can't meet their deadlines. However, they can't meet their own time tables in delivery of goods, with delays and extended time frames.

Also received defective equipment plus delivery men nicked furniture which had to be touched up by professionals. One delivery carrier arrived at my home at 7:00 a.m. in the morning. Was scheduled to arrive between 8-11 a.m.

Was sent replacement for defective equipment, with a different brand, and what appears to be used, which, by the way, doesn't work.

The list continues.... only wish I had read these comments before shopping there!


The Baltimore stores were taken back by Corporate. They in turn stepped up and took care of our problem, by picking up all the defective product and issuing a FULL credit.


Last time We were in Ethan Allen we were looking for a fancy wooden bed frame. We found one setup we liked.

Upon inspection I crawled under it to see if the side boards were solid wood or pressboard.

Not only were they pressboard,they said "made in china" on them. $3400.00 china bed with pressboard. {frame only no mattress set}.

We left as soon as my feet hit the ground and we wont be back. Thomasville also has "some" china furniture too. Sift through it and you'll get a good deal made in U.S.A.. Don't assume anything!

We found what we were looking for.

For about a grand. Much better quality and half the price as Ethan. Made in U.S.A. I feel sorry for people who shop at Ethen.

Alot of older folks think its real good because it was back in the day. Not anymore.

Same quality of furniture you can buy online at walmart {not in store}. Believe it or not,its true.

Rudyard, Michigan, United States #273765

At Ethan Allen we are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality products, superior service, and a total design experience. We would like to take this opportunity to offer our assistance. Please contact us at 203.743.8663 via telephone or email us at Help@ethanalleninc.com.

to Paula Chicago, Illinois, United States #668034

I realize this is an old post - but I have to say that two years later - I have been through *** wth this store. I have 30k in the game and have received 5 couches (only needed 2) because they were all defective - damaged and cheap fabric.

The brand and their reputation has gone downhill and from what I've seen , the management treats their assciates poorly. Take a look at the merchandise on the floor - it looks like a goodwill sale - that is because most of it is returned merchandise.

Such a shame. Paula, no one I've met cares at all about quality or service and I've been offered absolutely nothing - but the chance to reselect - for all of the defective *** I've been sent.

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