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I recently purchased about $3,000 in goods from Ethan Allen in Chandler, Arizona. I had built great rapport with my designer and was planning on furnishing my new condo (and corporate offices) with Ethan Allen furniture. In fact, I own three lifestyle magazines and produce two radio shows and had planned to feature my designer (and Ethan Allen) in the two upscale magazines and on our nationally syndicated radio program.

Thankfully, I realized the type of company I was dealing with before I began the overhaul of my condo and corporate offices. I ordered three custom pillows for nearly $600. Yes, I know, I should never have spent $200 on one pillow. Two of the pilows came in about 30 days later. My designer said the final pillow would be in within a week or two. I went ahead and paid the balance due for all three pillows.

I called two weeks later to find out that the estimated delivery date for A SINGLE PILLOW was still 6 weeks out. Yes, 12+ weeks for a pillow. At that time I asked to cancel my order SO I COULD ORDER MORE ETHAN ALLEN FURNITURE. I even said they could keep the nonrefundable "restocking" fee of 50% (originally it was 25% but since the fabric had been cut it was now 50%). The manager of the store then decided NOT to cancel the order and NOT to refund me $100. I finally got the pillow. 12 weeks into this ordeal.

It's true, $100 is not a lot of money. But, they lost a good customer for life and the opportunity to work with two successful lfestyle magazines targeted to upscale, celebrity audiences.

Kreiss and Baker here I come.

Review about: Ethan Allen Manager.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Palm Desert, California, United States #779785

Kreiss and Baker! Very funny!

You can and will run into the same kind of problems

( because it is part of the process!)

Kress and Baker pillows might run you $500 haha...and you'll wait even longer. LOL!


Re previous comment from.BS...yes, this too was the reason I left interior decorating and furniture sales! People can he so naive and unrealistically demanding.

Businesses are not in business to deliberately tick off customers...they need their customers. But people who spend money always imagine that whatever amount they spend, be it $300-6000. Or $30,000. Makes no difference!

People who are knowlegeable understand business. This person doesn't.

to Palm.Springs Tempe, Arizona, United States #779840

I know business. I am the CEO of a $40,000,000 media company.

It is never appropriate to be dishonest. Also, I should not be expected to know the furniture industry--that is why I went to a professional in that industry.

When someone says something will take four weeks don't expect happy customers at 12 weeks. Say 4-12 weeks or longer.

And actually, it wasn't that I was even unhappy. It would take a lot more than that to truly make me unhappy.

If I have a customer that wants a two page spread in the May issue of one of my magazines I would put it in the May issue. I wouldn't put in the July issue.

If I made an honest mistake and missed their ad I would at least work with them to make up for the error on my business' part. Taking responsibility for the mistake then working with the customer or client to create a "win-win" outcome.

I do agree with one important point you made. People should be treated with honesty and service no matter how big or little the spend.

By they way, this isn't ego. It's an MBA and 20 years working 60-70 hours per week.

I work to give good customer service to businesses like Cadillac and Tod's--and to small businesses,too. I learn good lessons every day-which is how I grow and expand spiritually in my physical body.

That is why I avoid EA now. But I also wish them much success and know that they are the perfect match for others.


It is always sad to see this kind of gross misunderstanding between a customer and company. It also doesn't make sense.

After more than 30 years experience in the home furnishings industry, in sales, management and as a designer; I have seen many potential problems but few that were not resolved when both parties remain rational and realistic regarding the complexities that are always integral to businesses.

It sounds like the issue that caused a breakdown between Ethan Allen and this "pissed-off" customer were exaccerbated by a confict of personalities and egos...all too often THIS is the real reason for problems.

Sign me as... Objective


This person is a amateur in the decorating world!

to Jan Tempe, Arizona, United States #779842

Yes, I am an amateur in the decorating world. That is why I went to a professional for help.

Thank you for making that point.

I truly appreciate it. By the way, I ended up finishing up with an independent designer that I truly appreciate!

Walnut Creek, California, United States #622142

It is true, fabrics get delayed. Fabric may have been in Mexico waiting to cut and sew a more pricy item, then they might remember your pillow order. Or, since all leather comes from Mexico, they may have had too many leather orders, and put pillows on back burner. Sorry for your inconvenience.

REGARDLESS of how much you chose to pay for your pillows, you should have gotten what you ordered in a timely manner. Sorry for your inconvenience.


I call BS. The old "I'm so wealthy but I only baught three pillows and I was going to buy so much more..." is such ***.

Fabrics get delayed and there's no such thing as a pillow emergency.

People like you are why I got out of interior design.

BTW, if you're too cheap to pay $200. For a custom pillow, you have no business at Baker or Kriess!


Can't agree with you more. The last, (AND I DO MEAN LAST) $6,000 I spent with them has been a horrible 6 months.

I'm not too sure they didn't send me a recliner that had been used for at least 6 months.

And I still haven't received the sofa.

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