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Thanks to the arrogant and discriminatory attitude of their sales person at Ethan Allen, NAtick MA, that their business is now going to the other three furniture stores in the area.

The big white guy - not sure what is name is, does not enjoy working there.

I am sure any one who has had the experience like mine will never step into that store again. I was a loyal customer of theirs for the last 5 years.

But after this experience , no more Ethan Allen for me.

The woman at the front desk silently witness the discriminatory attitude of this big guy.

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I'm curious to know what the discrimination was. The original author failed to elaborate on this and now I'm left wondering.

Sine they mentioned "big white guy" I assue it was either racial, sexual, or height descrimination.

In any case, I don't tolerate descrimination of any form, so I hope that Ethan Allen takes this seriously or they may wind up running out of business or even being slapped with a massive law suit. Can you say Chapter 11?


how can I write something but yet it says written by Paula Mandeville. what the *** is going on?


obviously part of the problem with Ethan Allen stores are the employee's but more so on the manager running the stores. The manager should be paying close attention to this and it's obvious to see an employee that is laying down on the job and doesn't want to work, or has a smartass attitude.

1- the posture of the person is very important when selling products.

2- a person that actually knows what he is talking about when confronting customers.

3- outgoing salesmen or women that actually like people.

those three things are important, if I walk into a store and get confronted by a salesmen or a saleswomen, I can tell right away if it's going to be rubbish, if it is, I just leave. I am not the only one that does that. I suggest Ethen Allen start firing some of those managers and hire managers that are capable of hiring good employee's.

Rudyard, Michigan, United States #39241

We are concerned to learn of your unpleasant experience at our Natick design center, and we sincerely apologize for any discomfort you may have felt during your visit. Ethan Allen strives to make each customer experience a positive one.

Please know that this behavior is not condoned by Ethan Allen Global, Inc or its subsidiaries. Would you mind contacting me directly so that we can obtain additional details? We will then have this matter looked into immediately.

Thank you,

Paula Mandeville

Director, Client Services


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