Ethan Allen- I ordered a piece of furniture with custom upholstery in January. The piece was delivered 4 months later. The quality of the fabric and finish was poor. The upholstery job was LUMPY in several places and the legs were extremely wobbly.

I have seen better furniture at Target, honestly.

Customer service is a joke. The company sent someone out to fix the piece. He was able to fix the legs, but told me he couldn't fix the fabric lumpiness. And that was the end of that!

The tech basically told me that different fabrics would yield different results. So, the moral is this: beware of the *** fabric selections at ethan allen and try to stick to the good ones. Ofcourse they won't tell you which ones are good.

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Paula, what is youe email address. Having complaints sent to a general mailbox is certainly not stepping up.

Rudyard, Michigan, United States #139980

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