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My husband and I purchase $14,000 worth of furniture for our home. We were going to pay the entire amount off at time of purchase but the sales associate sugested that we use the new ethan allen 6 month 0% interest program.

Perhaps they get a kick back on pushing these programs. We decided to pay for half and put the rest on the 0% interest program. We had trouble from the start, poor customer service, when everything was delivered the movers bashed doorways, scratched the furniture and were very unprofessional. I contacted the store about this and getting a real person on the phone was next to impossible.

When I did speak to someone they finally agreed to send someone out to take pictures and then fix all the items. While on the phone with the owner of the store, I explained that I had not yet rec'd a statement showing what we had purchased so that I could start paying the balance at 0% interest. She told me not to worry, they would look into it. After another month of no statement, I called the main customer service number, and I can tell you that they have no understanding of what customer service is!

Again I was told that they would get it out to me. My husband was offered a position out of state so we decided to relocate. During that time, with moving, my husband having relocated before us and getting our house sold I had forgotten about ethan allen and I didn't call them every month to find out where my statement was but once we were settled in our new place I realized that I had still never rec'd anything from ethan allen. I called two weeks after our move to explain that we still had not ever rec'd a bill.

The customer service person that I spoke to said that they had never sent one out. I asked that because they have never billed me, I want the 0% interest rate reset. She said she couldn't do that and I asked to speak to a manager. When he got on the phone he had the nerve to tell me that my statements had been sent but returned even though the customer service agent I had just spoken to said that they had actually never sent a statement out to me.

I asked him to fax me proof that my statements had been returned to ethan allen and he said that it was probably because we had moved. I let him know that we had moved two weeks ago and up until that point, we were at the old address also our mail is being forwarded and still nothing from ethan allen. I told him that it looked like ethan allen has intentionally withheld my statements until the interest started to accrue, I mean really, whats in it for them if you pay it off before the 6 months is up? it much more lucrative if they hang on to it until the interest starts to rack up right?

I believe that they have used deceptive and borderline criminal practices in their 0% financing offer. The worst part of all of this is that we have had their product in our home for 6 months now and the quality is absolute rubbish! We have moved to a community that is based on woodworking in PA and for half the price, we could have had real handmade quality products, something that ethan allen always says they provide but never they never actually deliever.

All I can say after this nightmare with ethan allen, buyer beware!!!!

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