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Many years ago we made Ethan Allen purchases and very satisfied. Things do change. Last year made purchases from Watchung Ethan Allen store. We had asked salesperson a number of times if the living room furniture would fit and look right. Oh yes and yes. Well it doesn't look and fit right after spending approximately $8,000. We Had the manager come out with a sales associate who tried to persuade us it does. Bottom line - We think Ethan... Read more

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Ethan Allen Bed Review from Rancho Santa Margarita, California
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First of all let me say that I have saved for a very long time to buy quality furniture. My family has been an Ethan Allen buying family. We have never really had issues and if we did they were taken care of. I quess times have changed. I had issues with my Chloe bed right away. There was a little section where the finish was worn off. Ethan Allen sent someone to fix it. Well, about a year later the spot where it had been fixed was all rubbed... Read more

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Horrible!Do not purchase furniture from EA! I purchased north of $100k over the years and our latest purchase was an 8k sofa that both the fabric and cushions are defective. We were in contact with them within weeks and now 5 months later I'm still staying to get this resolved. It's so bad that I had to take to FB and even the media to get my money back. Buyer beware!

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Ethan Allen Table and Chairs
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After many years of saving for a kitchen redo, I wanted a new table...a nice simple counter height table and chairs to fit in our small dining area. I thought I was buying quality when I ordered them from Ethan Allen. Not only a month late (ordered in Jan for May delivery), but a table finish that is flawed in a couple of areas. And one chair rocks back and forth really bad (my new floor is level). It also has a blob of finish on the seat. ... Read more

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I have bought many items from Ethan Allen and everything the delivery was retarded. They don't care about your schedule and are not willing to accommodate you. Will stop shopping at EA.

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We have purchased over $25,000 of furniture from Ethan Allen over the last couple gf years. On the Couch we purchased a little over a year ago the piping started to unravel. We contacted EA and they told us this was a fabric issue (which it is not) and they said fabrics are only warranted for a year. They would not budge on fixing this minor issue. I am disgusted with them. I would hate top see what would happen if there were larger problems... Read more

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I purchased $14,000 worth of furniture, however one of the items, a $2000 leather recliner that was less than 2 years old, the dye, when cleaning came out of the leather, turning black and discoloring. Note that I was using the cleaner provided by Ethan Allen. Needless to say, customer service told me that the chair was out of warranty and would not do anything. I explained, I purchased the most expensive leather, if there was any doubt of this... Read more

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Connor reclining chairs that don't recline. I order two leather donor reclining chairs in Sept 2015. They tried to repair them 3 times and have reorder the chairs. The reordered chairs were delivered with the same problem. 4 reclining Connor chairs and none of them recline. Its now February 2016 and I'm still waiting for them to tell me that they can fill my order with two working chairs.

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I went to the Catonsville location had kerri Wist for my designer the worst customer experience I've ever had called the store manager Jessica never got any help had to call another Ethan Allen at another location to get the general manager's name and had to resolve the problem on my own with my charge card company I would never got back to Ethan Allen again at least one in Catonsville not to mention the delivery charges are ridiculous had to... Read more

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Ethan Allen just can't seem to get the finish on a table correct that was ordered in August 2015. Still don't have it. Not ever shopping there again.

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